The importance of pretend play by Play.Hooray

Written by: Claire at Play.Hooray


It’s good to pretend! Pretend play can be so powerful. Have you ever spotted your little one pretending to be you? It’s amazing what they pick up on! Your habits, phrases and the things that you do! That’s because children are always watching. They’re watching you because they are learning from you and learning what it is like to be a person in this world.

When children have the space to pretend, they can take on a new role or character from fiction or from real life situations. It allows them to practise and try to make sense of the world around them.

Pretend play is the most effective when children can relate to it. When they’ve experienced it for themselves. That’s why Early Years settings set up home corners because it is what young children have experienced the most. They know what to do in those situations and how to play.

Then if you want to introduce a new type of pretend play, it’s always best to go for something else they have experienced. Going to a shop or in my case it was always the Post Office as my son used to come with me everyday to take your orders!

Role Model/Scaffold their play

Keep your pretend play set ups simple and relatable. Oh and always remember, never assume they know how to play with it. No matter how many times they’ve been to the shops, it’s so important if you set up a shop, that you take the time to sit down and demonstrate how to play. How to be the cashier and how to be the customer. What do they do? What do they say? Take the time to model it for them and play with them. Trust me, they will thank you for it.

What does your little one like to pretend? And don’t worry if your child chooses not to engage in pretend play, not every type of play is for every child, and that is ok! and if you are looking for pretend play ideas your little one can relate to, don’t forget the pretend playPROMPTS are in the shop. Order here.