Written by: Rebecca @ London’s Little Thinkers

As the wonderful Einstein said “Logic will get you from A – B. Imagination will take you everywhere” and here at LLT we couldn’t agree with him more. Sir Ken Robinson has always been a source of inspiration for me and I fully value his attitude towards enlightening imagination and creativity and moving away from the ‘production line of activity’ in education. It is time that we value each learner and support children to make mistakes, to think outside the box and to foster their imagination. You can probably understand now why I chose the name ‘Little Thinkers’ for my company. Children should be free to think, to explore and most importantly to dream and to be children! It is our role to allow them to be little whilst listening to and respecting them.

Our 5 top tips for Little Thinkers:

  1. Encourage them to ask questions, to dream, to think, to explore , to believe and most importantly to smile!

  2. Encourage them to appreciate the simple things especially in the world around them e.g. the people, the nature, the wildlife, the music, the food (the list goes on!)

  3. Read to them, read with them. Discuss, question, listen.

  4. Encourage PLAY. They need it and they are never too old for it. Let them be little.

  5. Praise mistakes and teach them how to learn from them. It is the best way to learn. I have always called them “marvellous mistakes'“ to the children that I teach.